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Commercial Eviction Attorney

What is involved in the process of commercial eviction in Long Beach?

As a commercial landlord in Southern California, it is important to be aware of the laws and policies concerning eviction. If your commercial tenant has missed rent payments or violated other terms of the lease, you have the right to initiate eviction proceedings. It is very important to follow the proper protocol, however, in order to avoid negative repercussions. Before taking action, it is highly recommended that you talk to a Long Beach eviction attorney about your situation.

Your attorney can help you prepare an eviction notice. This notice must be served directly to the tenant. If he or she is not on the premises, you can post it to the door and mail a copy to the tenant by certified mail right away. It is important that you request a return receipt when you send the notice. After this, your attorney can help you complete a proof of service form.

Should the tenant fail to comply with your request or disregard the eviction notice entirely, you have the right to initiate an eviction lawsuit, called an "unlawful detainer" suit in California. You will need to serve the tenant with a summons and complaint by an authorized method, such as hiring a registered process server. This paperwork is highly technical and should always be completed under the direction of a knowledgeable and trusted lawyer.

Call Eviction Law Group today!

As an experienced California lawyer, I understand the laws that impact your situation. Whether you are a landlord or tenant and need representation in an eviction trial or counsel regarding the process of commercial eviction, I am here to help you and to provide the attentive advice and advocacy you need. Contact Eviction Law Group today to request a consultation or to learn more.

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