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If you are a landlord and your tenant has been served and the time allotted for your tenant to respond in court has expired you can ask the court to enter a default judgment against your tenant. A ...

Marijuana Dispensary Evictions

The laws regarding medical marijuana dispensaries are more complicated than ever. Our law office only represents landlords in the evictions of illegal marijuana dispensaries. Although the ...
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30 or 60 Day Notice To Vacate Form

Below are examples of 30 and 60-day notice to vacate that can be served upon your tenant to terminate their tenancy. A 30-day notice is all that is needed for a residential tenant that has been on ...
Continue reading "30 or 60 Day Notice To Vacate Form" »

When to Use a 30 day Notice to Vacate

Many landlords have trouble navigating the law when it comes to what type of eviction notice to use. A 30-day notice to vacate can be used to terminate at will tenancies, commercial month to month ...
Continue reading "When to Use a 30 day Notice to Vacate" »

California Rental Agreement Laws

A rental agreement is a contract that can be made in any one of several forms, including written, verbal, or even implied. If you pay rent for your housing unit, you are considered to have a contract ...
Continue reading "California Rental Agreement Laws" »

50 Ways to Lose an Eviction Based on a Faulty 3 day Notice.

One of our clients asked if I could come up with at least 50 ways a landlord could lose an eviction by screwing up on the 3 day notice to pay rent or quit. I wrote the list below in about 15 minute ...
Continue reading "50 Ways to Lose an Eviction Based on a Faulty 3 day Notice." »

Dennis Block & Associates and Basta Inc.

WHO IS DENNIS BLOCK & ASSOCIATES Dennis Block and Associates are probably the most well known landlord only attorneys in the Los Angeles area. Their attorneys seem to primarily practice at the ...
Continue reading "Dennis Block & Associates and Basta Inc." »

Slumlords in Los Angeles

Slumlords are generally landlords who refuse to maintain the properties they own in habitable conditions and/or retaliate against their tenants for demanding that they keep them in good condition. ...
Continue reading "Slumlords in Los Angeles" »

Los Angeles Rent Control Guide

The term “rent control” applies to specific sets of laws adopted by some cities. These laws generally deal with limiting increases to rental rates and restricting the practice of tenant ...
Continue reading "Los Angeles Rent Control Guide" »


If you are a landlord considering or needing an eviction in Southern California you need to know what type of eviction notice to serve your tenant before you can file an unlawful detainer and begin ...

Appeal in the Second Appelllate District is Published - B263377

In case number BC425880 Torjesen v. Mansdorf et al. I was tasked with moving to vacate an order on the grounds what it was void. In a published opinion the Second Appellate district disagreed and said ...
Continue reading "Appeal in the Second Appelllate District is Published - B263377" »

Step by step guide to filling out an eviction lawsuit with no lawyer.

Below is a step by step guide on how to fill out the form UD-100, Complaint for unlawful detainer in California. It is recommended you hire an attorney rather than filling out the form yourself. Below ...
Continue reading "Step by step guide to filling out an eviction lawsuit with no lawyer." »

Objection to Relevance in Eviction Trials

Often times our clients come into one of our offices and would like to tell one of the attorneys their story… Many people go in length about the history of their tenancy and each of us do our ...
Continue reading "Objection to Relevance in Eviction Trials" »

What we do when your tenant files for bankruptcy

During an eviction (unlawful detainer) your tenant may file bankruptcy. If you haven’t made it to trial and the tenant files bankruptcy, you can’t even deliver any termination notice if ...
Continue reading "What we do when your tenant files for bankruptcy" »

Service of Process Southern California Evictions

Hello, I am John Feely. My office is located in Long Beach, California, and we handle a lot of evictions (also known as Unlawful Detainers). We have many clients, residential and commercial who are ...
Continue reading "Service of Process Southern California Evictions" »

Starting Your Southern California Eviction - Notices

The eviction process can be complicated. My name is John C. Feely and I am an attorney on a lot of evictions filed in Southern California. My office is located in Long Beach, CA. What is the first ...
Continue reading "Starting Your Southern California Eviction - Notices" »

Why Is Settlement On The Day of Trial a Good Option.

Often times clients will wonder why I recommend settlement in their unlawful detainer case. This post is to clarify why, in most cases, I believe professionally it is usually the best case to settle ...
Continue reading "Why Is Settlement On The Day of Trial a Good Option." »
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